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By arrangement- $1600 - please contact us for more details. (Rate net of agency commission)

By arrangement, Centrespread available as poster on heavier stock if required. Poster run-ons available on request. (Rate net of agency commission)

Clinical Pharmacy Practice Section
This is a special clinical continuing education section within PHARMACY TODAY.

Preferred Positions
Preferred positions NOT guaranteed without 20% loading on ratecard.

Classified Advertising
$11 per double column line (+ $30 if you wish to include a logo), or $44 per double column cm if artwork is submitted as a bromide. Both rates net of agency commission. (Invoiced after publication).

A3 Full Page Tabloid
Image area 395mm deep x 275mm wide
$3,500 $3,000
A3 Double Page Spread $6,500 n/a
Half Page Tabloid (Horizontal)
160mm deep x 275mm wide
$2,500 $2,000
HPT Double Page Spread
160mm deep x 575mm wide
$4750 n/a
A4 $2,500 $2,000
A4 Double Page Spread $4,750 n/a
A3 Centrespread $6,900 n/a
A4 Centrespread $4,900 n/a


Front Page:
6 consecutive issue contract only.

$2,000 n/a
395mm x 2 column (88mm wide) $2,000 $1,750
130mm x 2 column (88mm wide) $1,000 $850
130mm x 3 column (135mm wide) $1,500 $1,200
Shelf Talker/Dispensary Update
(Net of agency commission - production costs incl. except photography if required. Max 100 words of copy.)
$950 n/a
Market Place
A column highlighting new or changed products - (Net of agency commission - production costs incl. except photography if required. Max 40 words of copy.)
$375 n/a

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