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In November 1999 IMS NZ Ltd conducted a survey on the readership of pharmacy publications in the New Zealand market amongst pharmacists and pharmacy staff. A number of questions relating to readership were asked in a postal survey to a sample of Pharmacists and Pharmacy Assistants. Six hundred and fifteen surveys were returned.

The outstanding points to come from this research were:

  • Pharmacy Today is read by practically all pharmacists and staff (94%)
  • Pharmacy Today is read regularly by those same readers (81% had read all of the last 4 issues)
  • Pharmacy Today is read in depth by those same readers (66% read all or most of it)
  • Pharmacy Today is an ideal communication vehicle for businesses wanting to develop brands and relationships with this segment as the magazine has such wide coverage and is so well received and read by pharmacists and staff.

Receipt of publication

Pharmacy Today is received by 94% of pharmacists and pharmacy staff.

Readership of publication

Pharmacy Today had been read by 95% of pharmacists and pharmacy staff in the previous month.

Frequency of readership

It is most notable that Pharmacy Today is read regularly, and four out of five respondents (81%) have read or looked at all of the last four issues of Pharmacy Today. 42% did not answer this question with regard to New Zealand Pharmacy. A reasonable conclusion could be that these respondents had not read any of the last four issues.

Depth of readership

21 per cent of respondents read Pharmacy Today cover to cover, and another 45 per cent of respondents read most of it. Not only do more respondents read Pharmacy Today than New Zealand Pharmacy, but also when the publications are read, Pharmacy Today is read more thoroughly.

Publication preference

Respondents were asked, if they could receive only one publication, whether they would prefer to receive Pharmacy Today or New Zealand Pharmacy. Respondents indicated a clear preference in publications. Sixty per cent of respondents would prefer to receive Pharmacy Today, while only 14 per cent would prefer New Zealand Pharmacy.

More details?

For more details on this research or a personal presentation of the data contact Richard Smith, , mobile , email


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