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September 2015

Safer ePharmacy system for Midland’s patients

Thursday 03 September 2015, 4:24PM

Health Minister Jonathan Coleman says a new hospital ePharmacy system in the Midland region is improving patient safety and reducing medicines waste
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In Search of the Trut - The long road to diagnosis

Thursday 03 September 2015, 3:06PM

For many the story of how they were diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis is one that they will never forget
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‘The Future is Yours’ – The Green Cross Health Pharmacy Conference 2015

Thursday 03 September 2015, 12:32PM

This year’s Green Cross Health Pharmacy Conference was held in Melbourne from 28th – 30th August
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Queen’s University developing new drug against leading causes of death in the UK – sepsis and ARDS

Thursday 03 September 2015, 8:59AM

Scientists at Queen’s University Belfast are developing a potential revolutionary new treatment for Sepsis and Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS), which are among the leading causes of death in hospitalised patients in the UK
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Future of Green Surfactants with Novel Materials

Thursday 03 September 2015, 8:53AM

The future of green surfactants for personal care and home care products is with novel materials
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New Hospice Waikato extension opened

Wednesday 02 September 2015, 2:11PM

Health Minister Jonathan Coleman has today opened the new Hospice Waikato extension in Hamilton
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New partnership to provide data firepower for NZ’s future

Wednesday 02 September 2015, 2:09PM

New Zealand’s two major science computer providers are to form an alliance that will benefit New Zealand science researchers across Universities and Crown Research Institutes
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Douglas Pharmaceuticals strikes deal with Vital Foods to acquire its Phloe® digestive health business

Tuesday 01 September 2015, 4:41PM

New Zealand’s largest pharmaceutical manufacturer, Douglas Pharmaceuticals, has bought the Phloe® digestive health business in New Zealand, with an option for additional territories, from Auckland-based Vital Foods for an undisclosed sum
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Arthritis patients are potentially ‘at risk’ of mismanaging their paracetamol intake

Tuesday 01 September 2015, 4:36PM

Many Australians with arthritis may be putting their health ‘at risk’ by inadvertently mismanaging the amount of paracetamol medications they consume
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Removal of FBT key to improved wellness in the workplace

Tuesday 01 September 2015, 2:12PM

Passing the Affordable Healthcare Bill so that fringe benefit tax is removed from health insurance would greatly improve wellness in the workplace, the Health Funds Association (HFANZ) said today
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New study to identify genetic link with obesity and diabetes

Tuesday 01 September 2015, 11:26AM

The largest ever study to identify genes that predispose New Zealanders to obesity and type-2 diabetes was announced today by the Maurice Wilkins Centre at the annual Queenstown Research Week
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Spring Clean for Starship - Turning trash into treasure for our national children’s hospital

Tuesday 01 September 2015, 9:22AM

Starship Spring Clean launches today, Tuesday 1 September – a campaign that asks Kiwis across the country to clean out their cupboards, sell their unwanted goods and pledge some or all of the proceeds to Starship
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Extended regional air service a good start

Tuesday 01 September 2015, 9:19AM

The announcement that Jetstar will offer four extra regional destinations to its New Zealand routes and the suggestion that more will likely be added is positive news for regional and rural communities, says New Zealand Rural General Practice Network chief executive Dalton Kelly
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Mexican dermatologist’s inquisition sparks anti-acne research in NZ

Tuesday 01 September 2015, 8:53AM

The curiosity of a Mexican dermatologist has sparked new anti-acne research that just might hold the key to further success for Hamilton-based Quantec Ltd, developers of a clinically-proven anti-acne cream derived from high value milk proteins called Epiology Skincare
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