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June 2015

Southern Cross to cover pharmacy surcharges for members

Tuesday 30 June 2015, 3:30PM

The Pharmacy Guild of New Zealand (the Guild) appreciates the support Southern Cross Health Society is showing community pharmacy by reimbursing any surcharges their members with eligible policies have incurred from a pharmacy
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Long-acting reversible contraceptives for adolescents advocated

Tuesday 30 June 2015, 12:20PM

Senior lecturers in bioethics, and obstetrics and gynaecology at the University of Otago have called for a free, universal LARC (long-acting reversible contraceptive) programme to be made available to teens before they become sexually active
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NZ children still suffer rickets from lack of Vitamin D

Tuesday 30 June 2015, 9:19AM

Vitamin D deficiency continues to cause rickets in young New Zealanders, new University of Otago research has found
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Whanganui DHB board members acknowledge flood response

Tuesday 30 June 2015, 9:17AM

Whanganui DHB board members have paid tribute to the many locals and out-of-towners who helped respond to the June 20-21 flood
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Child Cancer Foundation Opens Christchurch Family Place and Announces New Partnership

Monday 29 June 2015, 3:50PM

Four years after it was demolished, the doors to the Child Cancer Foundation’s new Family Place are open to children, and their families, receiving treatment at Christchurch Hospital as well as local families on the cancer journey
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Implementing Medicines New Zealand 2015 to 2020 — the Medicines Strategy Action Plan

Monday 29 June 2015, 10:09AM

Speech: Good evening and welcome to the launch of Implementing Medicines New Zealand, the new medicines action plan
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Sharing raw patient information presents potentially serious risks

Monday 29 June 2015, 10:06AM

Relying on unmoderated, raw patient health information acquired from health providers’ practice management systems may present serious and unintended risks for both health practitioners and their patients, says the chief executive of MedicAlert Foundation NZ, Murray Lord
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‘Nanogirl’ Michelle Dickinson wins Blake Leader Award

Monday 29 June 2015, 9:46AM

Science advocate Dr Michelle Dickinson has been awarded a Blake Leader Award for outstanding leadership at a ceremony in Auckland
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Campaign Aims to Reduce Alcohol-Related Time Off Work for Kiwis

Monday 29 June 2015, 9:22AM

A local charitable initiative to raise funds for cancer patients may help reduce the 350,000 work days lost due to hangovers and alcohol-related absences every year in New Zealand, as part of its annual campaign
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ALRANZ announces new president

Monday 29 June 2015, 9:19AM

The Abortion Law Reform Association, New Zealand’s oldest reproductive rights organisation, has a new president: Terry Bellamak
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Slight increase in qualified midwives in the workforce

Monday 29 June 2015, 9:12AM

New data released today from the Midwifery Council shows a small increase in the number of qualified midwives working in New Zealand - from 2,938 in 2013 to 2,971 today
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Winners of national competition from Hamilton, Havelock North and Avondale

Friday 26 June 2015, 2:27PM

Dance 4 Asthma is a national competition to raise the profile of asthma to all children, and the community, in a fun and positive way. Schools had to choreograph a dance to One of a kind by Cameron Rota
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Planning underway for Allen Bryant residents

Friday 26 June 2015, 11:35AM

Plans are being made to ensure the appropriate placement and care of the people displaced from their aged residential care home, Ultimate Care Allen Bryant, due to last week’s flooding
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Shortage of Paediatric Surgeons

Friday 26 June 2015, 11:28AM

“Paediatric surgeons are struggling to keep up with the level of need in New Zealand’s communities, and are working short-handed,” says Ian Powell, Executive Director of the Association of Salaried Medical Specialists (ASMS)
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Starship Reveals New Life-Saving Air Ambulance

Friday 26 June 2015, 11:22AM

The new Starship National Air Ambulance plane may look fun on the outside – but there’s serious stuff going on inside
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Dutch court ruling on climate change

Friday 26 June 2015, 11:16AM

In a world first, the Dutch court has ordered the state to reduce its climate-changing emissions by 25 percent (on 1990 levels) in the next five years, to protect its people from climate change
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No new Legionnaires’ cases linked to cooling towers pleasing

Friday 26 June 2015, 11:14AM

With no new notifications for a month, health officials are confident that the source of the Legionella bacteria, which hospitalised six Cantabrians, is no longer a public health risk
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Significant drop in pneumococcal disease rates

Thursday 25 June 2015, 1:27PM

Health Minister Jonathan Coleman says since the pneumococcal vaccine was introduced in 2008 there have been approximately 600 fewer cases of invasive pneumococcal disease in children under five
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Orion Health wins Technology Provider of the Year at 2015 UK HealthInvestor Awards

Thursday 25 June 2015, 1:25PM

Orion Health (OHE: NZX/ASX) has won the 2015 HealthInvestor award for Technology Provider of the Year for ground-breaking partnerships that deliver better healthcare services, the company announced today
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Stoic Kiwis urged not to turn their back on chronic back pain any longer

Thursday 25 June 2015, 1:20PM

Survey results released today revealed that too many New Zealanders are putting on a brave front when it comes to dealing with chronic back pain, suffering for too long and often in silence
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Awarding advances in biomedical engineering by Christchurch PhD candidate

Wednesday 24 June 2015, 2:27PM

Advanced biomedical engineering that restores mobility for those with failed orthopaedic implants has earned a Christchurch man a national award
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NZ wound technology in telehealth showcase

Wednesday 24 June 2015, 12:54PM

ARANZ Medical’s wound care innovation Silhouette, which enables wound sufferers to be assessed by specialists at a distance, is part of a telehealth showcase touring the United States
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Cancer Society of New Zealand volunteers win Health Volunteer of the Year Award

Wednesday 24 June 2015, 12:50PM

The Cancer Society of New Zealand would like to congratulate its volunteers on their wonderful success at the Minister of Health Volunteer Awards
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NZ surges up global biotech rankings

Wednesday 24 June 2015, 12:47PM

New Zealand has been ranked #3 in the recently released Scientific American World View Scorecard, which measures the biotech innovation potential of 54 countries
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Otago scientist in international task force linking chemical mixtures in the environment to cancer

Tuesday 23 June 2015, 4:45PM

Mixtures of common chemicals used in our environment may act in concert with each other in the human body to cause the development of cancer.
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Self-management techniques helping people manage suicidal thoughts

Tuesday 23 June 2015, 10:22AM

Self-management techniques need to be more widely acknowledged by mental health professionals as an option to help people who felt suicidal and better support provided to help them develop their own self-management strategies, according to new University of Otago research
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Report shows significant reduction in stillbirths

Tuesday 23 June 2015, 10:04AM

The rate of babies dying from 20 weeks of pregnancy to 28 days old (perinatal mortality rate) has fallen to the lowest number since reporting began in New Zealand in 2007
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Cancer Core named health volunteer of the year

Tuesday 23 June 2015, 10:01AM

Health Minister Jonathan Coleman has announced that Cancer Core, a group of students from the University of Otago, is the overall winner of the 2015 Minister of Health Volunteer Awards
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Responding to HIV in New Zealand with renewed vigour in a brave new world

Tuesday 23 June 2015, 9:57AM

July 1 will mark an important milestone in New Zealand AIDS Foundation’s (NZAF’s) history. It will commemorate three decades of the AIDS epidemic in New Zealand and the Foundation’s response to it
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Silent epidemic forcing New Zealanders into residential care

Tuesday 23 June 2015, 9:55AM

Katy Perry and Kris Jenner have spoken about their own issues with it but as a nation New Zealanders are hesistant to do so, despite twenty five percent of us being impacted by it
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SleepDrops announces new distributor

Friday 19 June 2015, 5:02PM

Natural sleep and stress supplement company SleepDrops has established a new partnership with Lifestream International
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KiwiNet Research Commercialisation Awards 2015 winners announced

Friday 19 June 2015, 2:14PM

Winners of the third annual KiwiNet Research Commercialisation Awards were announced in Auckland on 17 June, celebrating success within New Zealand’s universities and Crown Research Institutes
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Plunket thanks volunteers helping families all over NZ

Friday 19 June 2015, 1:10PM

National Volunteer Week (21-27 June) is a chance for Plunket to celebrate the thousands of volunteers across the country, and the different ways they give their time to support families with young children
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Rain spreads north over the weekend

Friday 19 June 2015, 1:08PM

Severe Weather Warnings and Watches remain in place for many parts of the country and as rain spreads northwards, it looks like a wet and windy start to the weekend for the North Island
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New Zealand part of cross-border medicine control operation

Friday 19 June 2015, 1:06PM

Medsafe says New Zealanders who choose to buy medicines online from overseas are continuing to run risks from substandard, illegal, or counterfeit medicines
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Giving Cantabrians a say in how they access their own health information

Thursday 18 June 2015, 3:11PM

Canterbury Health System is seeking feedback on its plans to develop a patient portal to engage and involve people in managing their own health
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Government decision made on raw milk

Thursday 18 June 2015, 1:45PM

Food Safety Minister Jo Goodhew has today announced the Government’s decision to introduce a new policy around the sale of raw milk to consumers
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National telehealth service provider announced

Thursday 18 June 2015, 1:40PM

Health Minister Jonathan Coleman has announced that Homecare Medical is the preferred provider for the new national telehealth service
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Medicines Optimisation Services – National Consistency Needed

Thursday 18 June 2015, 1:38PM

The Pharmaceutical Society of New Zealand has recently released a position statement regarding polypharmacy and medicines optimisation
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Voluntary housing Warrants of Fitness - an investment for the future

Thursday 18 June 2015, 1:30PM

According to Richard Gough of Future-Proof Building, when people are dying as a consequence of the condition of the buildings they are living in, it is time to sit up and do something about it
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